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Fitness and nutrition are the biggest buzz and hype topics of the last few years. Everyone is on some clean eating kick; keto, bodybuilding diets, paleo, Zone, low carb, cleanses, whatever happened to plain wholesome meals? With Instagram hashtags like #cleaneats and #foodprep, everyone is on the band wagon of eating healthier. Even I had taken on the Goliath of eating healthier in our home years ago; kicking fast food and “processed” foods to the curb. However, not all processed food is the same. Canning and freezing are forms of processed food, we did not kick those, so we needed to find clean foods that were processed in the similar fashion; leaving the food wholly intact, preserving the flavors and quality as if the meal was just prepared at home.

Processed meals that are handled the same way if you were cooking at home are hard to find. For busy families and working parents, eating out is a result of the busyness, but eating out comes at a hefty price both financially and health wise. However, there is an alternative, Perfect Fit Meals.

Perfect Fit Meals are a wholesome, whole food, clean meal option for busy people! I love that the meals are chilled and not frozen. Frozen meals seem so over-processed and scary when they come to taste; remaining partially frozen, burned and quite frankly the nutrition is all out of whack. Perfect Fit Meals have all of the macros, as in macronutrients, listed right on the front of the package making eating healthy (or healthier) a breeze.

Perfect fit meals, #hpp, clean eating, perfect fit meals clean eatsThe first Perfect Fit Meal I had to try was the Turkey Scramble. DELICIOUS! I actually had the meal as a breakfast and shared on my Instagram story. The turkey had a light bite to it and the yams (sweet potatoes) were cooked perfectly, not too mushy and not too firm, the perfect breakfast in my opinion. The macros were spot on as well meeting my protein and carb requirements without feeling like the meal was too much or too little, excellent portion size. To be honest, I couldn’t finish about the last five bites, I was more than full.

The meals do not stop there, all your traditionally favorite meals like chicken parmesan, Jamaican jerk chicken, paleo Hunter-Gatherer chicken, roaster pork loin, herb crusted chicken, chicken fajita bowl and so many more! Meals inspired by the magazine Cooking Light and Southern Living Kitchen. So no matter what your current diet plan, Perfect Fit Meals can truly be a perfect fit! What I really enjoyed about the meals is how they are prepared, as I mentioned before they are not frozen. The meals are processed in a way that preserves the foods, the flavors, the textures, without compromising any of the aforementioned! So how do they do it? How do they process the meals to be refrigerated and not frozen?


HPP or High Pressure Processing is a food pasteurization technique recognized by the U.S.’s Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and used worldwide including: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Foods that use HPP include: meats, fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy and seafood.

Blaise Pascal first explored High Pressure Processing, HPP, when he began testing HPP on bacteria in the 1890’s. First commercial HPP products were fruit preserves in Japan in the mid 1990’s, guacamole in the U.S. and cooked ham in Spain in 1999. HPP is cold pasteurization in pure water; it uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep packaged food pathogen-free and to stay fresh longer. Food is subjected 87,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch –– the same amount of pressure as six times the deepest part of the ocean. At this very high pressure bacteria is destroyed, but food’s taste, texture and nutritional value is preserved.


• HPP is a “Clean Label”, natural pasteurization technique
• Offers better taste, texture and nutrition
• Delivers shelf-life extension & pathogen elimination


HPP is currently utilized by a wide variety of products including: Beverages, meat, dairy, seafood, fruits and veggies. Now, more and more SKU’s across every category are increasingly using HPP. Emerging HPP categories include: refrigerated soups, baby food, pet foods, new functional beverage alternatives and ready meals


  • HPP food products market value: $12 billion now and will double within six years
  • More consumers and food companies both want “clean label” and convenience
  • HPP offers better taste, texture and nutrition than traditional high-heat pasteurization

About Avure /JBT Technologies

JBT/Avure is a leading global maker of HPP machines. JBT/Avure’s HPP food processing machines offer the highest output, lowest operating costs, and greatest reliability for food producers and manufacturers. From installation and maintenance of equipment systems to recipe and package development, JBT/Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural, flavorful food. JBT/Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of all HPP-protected food around the world. More information is available at

perfect fit mealsSo now that you know more about how Perfect Fit Meals are crafted, where can you buy them? Easy enough, they are stocked at local grocers, except if you live in Florida, we cannot find them anywhere in the state. CRY! When we lived in Arizona I could find them at about any local retailer. I digress. Now your next question is most likely cost. The cost is the most exciting part to myself and my husband. Since he works out of the home and he eats out the most, he loved these for his lunch for the cost of less than $7.00 each, $5.00 at Safeway stores in Arizona, they are a total bargain! Especially for athletes who are purchasing pre-made meals to fit their macros, these are a more affordable and tasty option than broccoli, chicken and rice.

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. Clean eating doesn’t have to be expensive. Clean eating doesn’t have to be frozen or spent slaving over a stove, grill and dividing meals into Tupperware on an entire Sunday. Enjoy clean processed foods that don’t have anything extra and are perfectly balanced for any diet or meal plan.

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