Pool House Pleasure

DONE!!! Yes, done! The damn pool house is done!! Because we were too busy moving into the pool house today (blogging equipment moved in…not us…well me….since I would love to blog more than clean) I have yet to post pics. Will update with the blossom from our fruits of labor.Plus I have the coolest play [...]

Watch what you wish for……

In my early 20s after C and I got married, I so wished to get pregnant. He and I wanted a baby badly to get our family moving. We already had owned a home for a few years, we were both making a very good living and we were both responsible. I would wish for [...]

Hold your babies closer…..

Let me tell you right now to bring tissue. I have a few stories that need to be told that remind us of the fragility of life. Last month I shared a special story about some friends of C’s and I that will soon enjoy the twin side of life. Well our friends The Palmer’s [...]

I am…..

I saw that my sister did this and I love fun quizzes like this! I kinda already knew this…..but was still fun!! Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz… You Are a Bette! You are a Bette — “I must be strong” Bettes are [...]

Before and Not Quite After

So I said like a week ago that I would be playing construction and not sure if I could blog……well let me share the fruits of my labor for the last week(s) or so which includes moving 200 sq. ft. of sh-tuff into my garage and other miscellaneous storage areas in my house. My shed [...]

Not too late to Vote!

Remember to get out there and vote! The democratic and American way is to go out and voice our opinions through the power of the vote! Not just for the President Elect but for your local senators, propositions, judges, you name it!

The Working Mother

Ah yes the working mom. We know the stereotype as the Mom who works outside of the home. The mom who commutes and holds a “real” job. I can say I have come to resent that whole stereotypical bravado of “the working mom”. I mean really, what am I doing…..sitting on my duff watching soap [...]

Play on Words

We had a HUGE funny this evening that I knew I had to share with everyone! So we have had major problems with the phone. For some gosh awful reason when someone calls my house I swear this nasty, obnoxious hum starts on the line and does not go away. We have had the service [...]

Chicken Little

We thought Peanut looked a bit like Chicken Little since she has this mohawk thing going on and the tuft of hair sticks straight up after washing it. Too funny. So we took a picture of her and Chicken Little to compare notes…..tell us what you think!

Project Manager

I think that is my new term I will use for everything since I am not treated like the CEO who runs this operation almost flawlessly everyday. Here is how a typical week of operations look like, including G and the Squids:Sunday: attempt to finish any school projects, follow around kids cleaning up messes, attempt [...]

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