Are you serious???

People never cease to amaze me. I am one of those people who truly cannot be offended, you can piss me off to no end, but I take no offense to quite a lot, and blushing….forget it….hardly blush. So comments that are made literally make me shake my head and ask “What possessed you to [...]

Me again….kind of here….

So I think that we lived through the holiday. I have to say that I was such a Scrooge and I thoroughly enjoyed it only because I felt this year was totally for my kids. I do so much for everyone else during the year (myself excluded mind you) that this year I wanted the [...]

Gonna be a Scrooge

One might think that Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Carols, lights, baking, family, gifts, the whole nine yards. I feel this is a complete load of S#*T! I shouldn’t be a scrooge but I am. I am excited for my kids and can’t wait for them to open their gifts, however, everyone [...]

Stopping to say HI

Time is flying, and I have been meaning to post like a million times. The holidays really put me into OCD overdrive with things, except of course my house. I have not really touched (cleaned) my house since Thanksgiving!! How sad is that? How pathetic am I? I am the goddess of clean when you [...]

Still here….barely!

Okay….so I will have plenty of super juicy posts to come as I just returned home on a very early Sunday morning from a whirlwind (*cough, CRAPPY) weekend trip. Oh, fun moments were to be had, but all around….I am still recouperating from the event and I have some nasty schmegma stuff with a cough. [...]

The Turkey has come and gone

Thanksgiving has finally come and gone in my home. Last week was similar to running for office with all my campaigning for a clean house, baked pies, pressed linens, a total madhouse! I was blessed with enjoying the company of my Mom and Step-dad, Brother and Sister-in-law and my two cutie pie nephews, and our [...]

Basic Needs

As a Mom, wife, woman, and individual I have basic needs like any other person. We should all have the basic needs which are inherent of being a human, which are:Food, Shelter, Love and Wanting (take Psychology to understand this one), SleepI think I covered all the true basics of being human. Now the basics [...]

The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Squid moved!!! He finally moved off his stomach which doubles as a lazy Susan and he moved!!! He is finally crawling!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Now he can help Peanut plan their escape….the two are like Pinky and the Brain…..she obviously is the brain.

Is my blog totally jacked?

DH and I were talking about the blog and he pulled it up on his computer only for the entire thing to look like a total cluster. So I need my fellow friends in the blogosphere to tell me if my blog is all jacked and needs tweaking…..or if my DH needs the tweaking with [...]

I am behind the 8-ball of EIGHTS!! I was tagged by my sister-in-law’s sister Brittany. 8 things I am passionate about: 1. My family 2. Myself (gotta be passionate about yourself for anything to matter!) 3. Cleanliness 4. My blog 5. My education (though I am losing passion with every paper I write) 6. My [...]

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