Avocado Green Mattress

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No More Little Bitty Soap

My shop that I named after my daughter, MY Little Bitty, is no longer. Some broad in Canada says she has a copyright. Actually that would be a TRADEMARK under intellectual property laws, but she would know that right? If she REALLY registered her name…..and had it protected under “international law”? Right? Right? What do [...]

I am Quitting my Job

This morning when Pickles Magoo, who I think we are going to call Seth-en-Stein from now on because he is FINALLY starting to walk, a little, walks like Frankenstein. Plus he is so big and bulky like Franken, so what the heck, sounds good. Seth-en-stein (with 80’s zombies voice)So Seth-en-Stein decides that 5 a.m. is [...]

UPrinting Blog Sponsorship Rocks!

Not just because they have goods for me, but because they offer great discounts, get involved in the community, are green, I mean what else can you ask for? For instance, last night at my Busy Bee Mothers of Multiples meeting I could have chalked up tons of hits for the old blog by passing [...]

Text Message Folly

Just the other day I was on my standard trip to Costco to load up on TONS of milk and miscellaneous that I need around the house. I really just need a freaking cow for crying out loud….you just cannot imagine the amount of milk three little gnomes can power through. Anyway, I leave the [...]

Have you all seen the new Purex 3-In-1 laundry system? I have to say I was so pumped when I applied to be a Purex Insider. I wanted to know what all the buzz was about. Now that the product is out I really really wanted to know how it worked and how well it [...]

Meal Planning Tips and Tricks

Meal time is always the worst part of my day. Any meal. Any time of the day. HORRIBLE! I have four people who have no idea what they want to eat, stand with the fridge door wide open saying “What do we have to eat” when the fridge is full, and no one can agree [...]

So many of you, as I did, thoroughly enjoyed the post about my letters I never intend to send. DH enjoyed it only half as much as we did.I WAS LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY WHEN HE READ IT!!!!OK, in all seriousness the man giggled, and then asked for a retraction.I told him HELL NO……..but the words never [...]

Little Bitty Soap Giveaway!!

You can have a piece, well pieces, of the Little Bitty Soap company in your home! My sister Brittany is hosting a giveaway of my special blend that I made for her and a lucky reader to enjoy in their home and bath! So please head on over to Brittany Greer’s casa and check out [...]

To my Husband on Fathers Day

I knew in your heart that you wanted to be a father. Your armored exterior was merely a facade of protection from the world, not letting them know that you are a sensitive, loving man.From the time we went to our friends back yard barbecue and we fell in love with that little girl who [...]

Letters I never intend to send

I love writing letters. Especially ones with such raw emotion, with vigor….I love vigor, and you can vent all your angers, frustrations, hurts, and sadness without repercussion or worries. So today while battling with Pickles Magoo on his napping (or failure to take one) I thought I might take a moment to relax. Catch up [...]

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