Avocado Green Mattress

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VGNO and Ann’s Birthday

Okay, I have so failed to post pertinent blog fodder content…which I have plenty from this week. Let me tell you…but let me tell you first that this is my first VGNO (Virtual Girl’s Night Out) and its a good thing….I am so behind. Yeah, you can consider me that drunk chick that you have [...]

My Disregarded Job

Many moms have TONS of jobs. The list is truly endless if we detail laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dishes, gardening and the like as a job. I used to have another full time job that I went to each and every morning. I loved my job. I hated the commute, but I loved (still love) my [...]

Chex Mix Bars Giveaway & Review

Okay, you have seen how I am a professed food junkie. I love food. I love to cook food, eat food, hate food. You saw my post on snacks, everyday you need a snack. Some days though, you want something deep fat fried and smothered in chocolate. You know you do! You, just like me [...]

Funfilled Fourth

The Fourth of July is the ultimate celebration of Freedom and summer fun for the kids. This year while the squids were still not totally old enough to enjoy all the fun and festivities Big G had a blast and a front row seat to some of the best firework shows the East Valley (Phoenix [...]

Hide and Seek of Guilty Evidence

Kids, and even adults are so funny when they are busted. I mean they act like “What?” “Who me?” “What are you talking about?” Big G is the biggest offender of this. He is allowed one sugary type drink or snack a day, if that. And the option is one or the other…NOT BOTH. We [...]

In honor of the Fourth of July and the American and Foreign Military Troops serving abroad, NECCO, New England Confectionery Company, parent company of our favorite Sweethearts candy (normally seen at Valentine’s) has created a new line to celebrate our wonderful country and the military men and women who serve to protect our country! For [...]

The Phoenix Rises

With every life there is death. The story and life of the Phoenix is my favorite. Not only for the immortality but for the story that the Phoenix seems to die a painful death in it’s very own flames, and rises anew from it’s ashes. Today, I feel like the Phoenix.I created a very painful [...]

The Price Of Honesty

Funny about blogs. I have been reading all over about so manybloggers celebrating their blog-o-versary.Today was mine.Silent hooray.The only problem is that all day today I have been in damage control mode because I am a blogger of total and pure honesty. So much so that now my in-laws dislike me even more than they [...]

The folks at My Blog Spark sent me these snacks. Now I am a huge food lover! I do. I love food, I hate what food does to me sometimes (the waistline), but I love my food. What I hate are snacks. Snacks are evil. Snacks are hard to find that are healthy without being [...]

Many of you may, or may not, have seen my post about the controversy I had started with my “Little Bitty” name for my soaps. Well some woman felt very threatened by the competition and I for one, would hate to feel like I stole her thunder, I so willing agreed to comply to a [...]

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