I haven’t blogged much in the last I don’t even know, I can’t even tell you and I am lucky to know what day today is! Been so busy with the twins inching closer to that ONE YEAR mark, which I am just falling over about and then G went back to school TODAY (FINALLY!). [...]


Normally when I am tagged I am oblivious…this time is no different. I think my lovely sister wants me to blog more. I am trying, been a rough week of conferences, projects, assignments, fires, you know, same pile….only bigger on a different day. Anyway, I am tagged! I am excited to post all of this [...]

Cleaning up

The Herring’s have recently vowed in this new year to ‘Go Green’! In addition to going green we have also made some strong attempts to go green with what we eat. By that I mean we have gone organic. So while ‘Going Green’ and changing out regular incandescents for CFL bulbs, using HE washers such [...]

Hail to the Chief

As Commander and Chief of House, Home and all that is domestic (which includes paying bills, etc) I have noticed that my children salute me. Most of the salutes I have received over the years from G have been in the form of a tantrum, slamming door, or food thrown in my direction. However, with [...]

Help….Need a Little Help!!

I am not one to ask for help. NEVER have I asked for help. Refusal to ask for help is such a flaw of mine that I have been working on ever since I was prego with the Squids. I had to learn to ask for help A LOT during my pregnancy with them because [...]

“I can relate”

I was blessed the other day with having a wonderful stranger come up to me to ask about the twins, which mind you happens every time I leave the house. Only this time the questions were so inviting and so welcoming. A fellow Mom of twins! What normal Mom’s do not understand (and this is [...]

A New Toy

I made a mistake by watching something on TV the other day with my son; who feels we need everything that is seen on TV. I have been told by G that we need Green Bags for the Bananas, Mighty Putty for the sprinklers, a snuggie for watching TV (which DH did order, in LARGE [...]

My New Project

I almost totally forgot to share the fantastic news! Not only are there major perks of multiples such as all the cool comments, clubs, and fun of watching two kids interact with one another the way twin siblings do, but DH and I were invited to be part of a cool project. That cool project [...]

Devil’s Food

Do you know why they call Devil’s Food cake Devil’s Food? Let me tell you why.DH decided to make a Devil’s Food cake this evening with a chocolate fudge frosting that I whipped so deliciously. Beside the point. So G had dinner and saw DH frosting said cake and he stated he wanted a piece. [...]


Every New Year marks the dawn of a new era for some and for others just another day. For those who start the year off fresh resolutions are fantastic. Resolutions and the New Year are as if the slate has been wiped clean. I welcome and enjoy the New Year because of the new slate, [...]

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