For my Mama’s and Bloggy Mama’s that are in, around, and or may visit the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa metro areas we have a fantastic website to promote our Mama playdates and play group called Munchkin Mama’s. My dear friend Jen set up the website and she is fantastic at organizing all of our events. Our [...]

My Magic

I have divulged I am a mother of multiples….so I am truly NUTS. I have informed you that I can whip up some foodie delights……I pride myself on being an amateur chef. What I have not told you about is my magic. YES INDEED, I have magic. My “force” as DH suggested I use this [...]

For those of you who have procrastinated for Valentine’s Day and are not sure what to give as a gift….I have a solution! My DH HATES and I mean HATES Valentine’s but he plays into the whole holiday for me….even though I truly don’t care for it. But I love the holiday only because he [...]

We’re Not in Kansas anymore Toto!

As a mother you can always tell when something is in the air. Either the air is the changing of the seasons as kids become antsy for Spring vacations and summer break or just your run of the mill Full Moon every quarter. In my home……the FULL MOON reigns. For at least a week my [...]

HA!!! I so got you all! I love that word…PENIS….sounds so naughty but so clinical. I love to say PENIS. HA HA. Okay enough of my penis speaking fetish. I did get a thing with the penis, you know like the SAG award, The Actor, as the statuette is called. I found I received an [...]

Fun and NO Fun

There comes a time in a child’s life where they do not have fun with something new. You would think that a child who has not seen this “thing” that is sparkly, full of wonder and excitement and completely foreign to their senses would be so exciting and fun. For the most part the new [...]

The weight is lifting

I can tell you that as a woman a pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body. I don’t care who you are and how active you may or may not be, a pregnancy is rough all over. Well, add one more baby in that carrier we all our uterus and mid-section and WHAM! [...]

You know life is rough when…

Life is rough when this conversation takes place between a five year old kindergartner and his parents: Me: G, you need to go get dressed baby. Since you are done eating you need to get out of your Jammie’s and get ready for school. DH: Yup buddy, you have school today. Listen to your mother [...]

Up and…..running?

Seems that a year has basically blown past me in what seems like just a day. Exactly a year ago today I was laying in my comfy king size bed, flipping channels aimlessly in an attempt to find something entertaining to watch as I was forced to lay there until I absolutely had to get [...]

Enjoy the Squishy Squids

I wanted to leave you all with the best unplanned and unstaged picture ever to grace my camera phone. The photo makes you want to reach out and pinch some cheeks……butt cheeks that is!Here are the Squids chomping at the bit to hop in the tub for some clean time….and Pickles Magoo decided to turn [...]

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