Twin Life

A Two and A Three

Time flies is a cliche at her finest. I am no fan of cliches, I think they are overused, lack substance, and well they are easy to use when you have nothing intelligent to say. But in the case of my children, time cannot stand still. Blogging I care not much for these days because [...]

Twin Family Vacation

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your life changes when you have kids?”  Well DUH Sherlock! Have you ever heard the phrase, “You must (or sure do) have your hands full?” Yes, like all the time from people about my life as a mother of twins. I knew I had my hands full when I [...]

And then there were two

Hard to believe just two years ago I was ever so thankful to the higher powers that be that I went into labor THE DAY after Valentine’s. While still a blessing to deliver two sweethearts on the sweetest day of the year I wouldn’t want these two to be screwed eternally. Like being born on [...]

Because People Like to Say Salsa

Each day the duo have something new to say and they make me laugh! I try to get video…even though the quality is totally terrible on my phone but its the fastest pocket size camcorder I have. I need one to capture all these fun moments. So here is Seth boy with his newest word: [...]

If You are Gonna Give

Give big. I am a true philanthropist. While I think people can be real fuckheads pains in the neck, at the root of all I believe a good portion of people are good and true as part of their nature. So my love of humankind is probably part of my cat nature as a Leo. [...]

The Hat Diva

This little girl is something. She is overly independent, knows exactly what she wants all the time, demands it, is ornery as all get out, gorgeous, loving when she wants to be, and has her tender moments and of course she is bossy. Man, she is her mother’s daughter. But I love shoes….she loves hats, [...]

Twin Talk

The Squids are coming into their own, more and more they are true gnomes becoming the funniest little people I have yet to meet. Here they are in all their glory. They are excited…can you see it? Sara, what is your brother’s name? Sess Seth, what is your sister’s name? Can you say Sara? Bitty [...]

My New Reality Show

Forget the “Table for 12” and move over “Jon and Kate” because had my body gotten her way….I would have had my own reality show. Seriously 7 kids in 4 pregnancies…do the math. We would have been a school of fish…or maybe a gaggle as the title would be so fittingly called. I shared my [...]

How You Do It

Something a mom of multiples hears all the time is : “How do you do it?” Granted, we really are no different than any other mom. We all birthed a child, we care and love for our child or children, we worry, we do the best we can, we struggle, we cry, we scream, we [...]

Blogging and Toddling

Toddling twins and a mom who enjoys blogging….do not mix. Basically this mixture is like taking a mom who is on Prozac and loading her up on shots of tequila…no bueno!I have attempted….okay really I have done more than attempt….I have started a half dozen posts only to have them so graciously (screaming, yelling, wailing, [...]

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