Grilled Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

My husband took my family’s favorite household meal, Mexican food, and put a new spin on our favorite of chicken enchilada’s. I have been making this recipe for years. Our dear family friend Mary Herrera, taught me authentic Mexican cuisine. Salt over the shoulder, a small prayer to God and she won my heart by [...]

Stuffed Baby Peppers Recipe

So I have become more of an aficionado for the raw and vegetable based meals. Blessed be my love affair for organic, supporting local food co-ops, and VOILA! Fabulous family meals. My last offering with Bountiful Baskets pleasured my palette with an assortment of fragrant and beautiful baby peppers. These baby bell peppers are crunchy, sweet and [...]

The Next Mini Chef

Are your children adventurous in the kitchen? Do they offer to help cook dinner and or other meals for the family? Are your kids interested in trying a variety of foods that are both healthy and tasty? My mini chefs definitely favor homemade quesadillas with a variety of cheeses and meats. In fact two out [...]

Organic Pancakes Recipe

Serve up warm and buttery organic pancakes with a simple and delicious recipe. No haggle with the ingredients, vegan and gluten free substitutes included in this easy morning favorite.

Fennel Herb Chicken Recipe

When I was taking part in my CSA this last fall and winter my kids and I had a BLAST picking out all of our foods and figuring out what they were. Honestly I was not introduced to a lot of foods as a child. My mother is a very picky woman as for tastes [...]

I love this dish. Simple. Exquisite. Full flavor and with a bit of flair and panache! Sounds like me minus the bad language. As you know I am an Arizona native but Arizona is not known for her food. So with this recipe I bring the flavor of New Mexico. Who doesn’t love grilled cheese [...]

Easy Coleslaw Recipe

Food is such a fun project and you know the best way to save money nowadays is to make things at home from scratch. Plus you can control your ingredients so if you are health conscious (like me sometimes) this is the best bet. You can avoid all the pre-packaged food and all the garbage [...]

If you haven’t already please partake in the Extraordinary Mothers Morsel Monday link up! Participating is a lot of fun and a great way to find new dining delights for the family and hey, linky love! This week I am “spicing” up the post with a review and giveaway of a product I received to [...]

Crock Pot Chicken Dumplings Recipe

Are you looking for some great recipes? If so link yours up and find a new one every Monday over at Extraordinary Mothers where my friend Casey hosts Morsel Mondays! Last week I did some desserts so this week let’s do some favorite dinner recipes, and my favorite, southern or cold weather recipe is Chicken [...]

Organic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

While these recipes may be a bit out of “season” now as we have moved past Thanksgiving and Christmas pumpkin pie is always a favorite, especially because it is so easy….when not from a can. Plus more likely the pumpkin pie is cheaper with a fresh pumpkin than one out of the can. Plus I [...]

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