Who in the world does not enjoy a good slice of pie? I for one thoroughly enjoy a good piece (or two) of a pizza pie from a great pizza joint. Especially this year! Why this year? I have hosted THREE, yes, I said THREE major holidays this year of which two are the biggest, [...]

Finding a way to clean your home in an eco-friendly manner is tough considering the marketplace is FILLED with chemically laden and enhanced products. Ammonia based, alcohol based, harsh chemicals that linger and fumigate your home. I have two toddlers and my six year old and believe me, nothing I do not like more than [...]

Some of you may know I am very particular about my body care. I truly like products that I can read and understand the name of the ingredients, not some laboratory name that requires a kindergarten phonetic to pronounce the words. I recently had the opportunity to review SEED Body Care courtesy of Buzz Cooperative. [...]

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Ladies do you have a hard time finding the right cosmetics? I know I have. I always have. Just when I think I have found my right color, my right blend, my right ingredients, I find something horribly wrong with either the product, the way the product [...]

Organic Clothing for Kids: Kushies

Sometimes infant and toddler items just seem to be a never ending sea of brands. However, some do stand out from the rest. While on my quest to find excellent kids gifts I came upon Kushies. I found them when doing a search for organic clothing. As you know The Five Fish strive to leave [...]

Vodka Spaghetti Sauce recipe

If you watched my Mingle on Monday you saw that I had a billow of steam behind me. Some quite literally thought I might torch my kitchen, behold…..the power of the Fish! Okay, so I am kidding, but the steam was much, probably from the fact I had the hood on trying to suck all [...]

I Heart My CSA

I just have to tell you all again how much I love my CSA. What is a CSA you ask? Community Supported Agriculture. Agriculture? As in farm, You got it! I had never heard of a CSA until one of my twin mommies told me about it and I have to tell you I am [...]

You are what you eat

Have you heard the adage or saying: A little dirt never hurt Five second rule: Pick it up off the floor before five seconds and its safe You are what you eat Not to get on my soap box but this is not always the case for our food. More specifically I am talking about [...]

Top 3 Grilling Tips and Tricks

These following recipes that I LOVE to use in my house. For one….no way you can eff them up…at all. Even if you do…they still taste super scrumptious. So here are some of my Top 3 grilling favorites for cooking: Grilled Fish You can use catfish, Mahi Mahi, Cod, Tilapia, and of the fattier fish [...]

My Newest Baby

You must all be losing your minds right now wondering why I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant.Well I am not….will never be again….so over that! But thanks to everyone that played along last month I have a great new business name…..and thanks to TWO wonderful ladies Carol and Tamara who helped in the winning [...]

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