Karie Herring

Increasing Libido

There are a number of serious health issues that are facing the country today. Information from the CDC has shown that obesity is one of the major problems impacting the United States. There are a number of complications that might develop secondary to issues related to obesity. This includes heart problems, high blood pressure, and [...]

Hobbies to get into after college

Once you have fished your schooling, there is a general query as to what should happen next. Many do not know how to occupy their time and are left feeling a little lost. If you already have a job, that can help you stay busy, but it may not provide you with an interesting or [...]

Buying a home is not an inexpensive matter, so preserving its value is of premium necessity. Whether you eventually plan to sell or whether it will be your lifetime home, it will be important to keep or even improve upon the bottom dollar. Take some of the following ideas into consideration when considering what needs [...]

Types of Phonological Processes

Phonological processes: patterns of sound errors that typically developing children use to simplify speech as they are learning to talk. They do this because they lack the ability to appropriately coordinate their lips, tongue, teeth, palate and jaw for clear speech. By age five most children naturally outgrow their use of phonological error patterns. Substitution [...]

I Googled Mom

At the dinner table the other night my youngest children began to tell me about how they were looking for images to use as their school email avatar. Realizing how quickly my children have advanced in this age of technology, I was proud and amused at the same time. Until they mentioned how they wanted [...]

Get In the Boat

At the ripe young age of 28 my marriage was heavily on the rocks. Not just waves breaking at the shore, more like icebergs to the Titanic. Our ship was sinking, we each had one foot out of the boat. Not fully committed to making our marriage work and swimming towards opposite shores, struggling with [...]

Put on Your Best Face

I have taken for granted the ease and grace for which I handled the chaos, the first three years, of day-to-day life with twins. Not just life with twins in those first three years, but life with twin infants and a toddler. Keeping one child alive was one thing, but keeping a toddler alive and [...]

What In the Health

The last ten months have been such a whirlwind for our family. Our move last August threw such a wrench in our normal operations from my kids acclimating to new schools, The Chad settling into and operating in a new, high level, position at work, and my overall operation. I tended to take on the [...]

DesignEvo – Create Logos for Free

My dear friend Joie and I have been working together for the last four years. She and I have known one another for the last decade, and this past year we thought high time we created something of a logo for our collaboration. We have been juggling ideas of outsourcing a logo with services like [...]

My Open Letter to be Better

Driving home the other day from the gym I saw a care center bus that said “Kids-R-Kids” and couldn’t help to feel a bit perturbed. What was troublesome is that we often discount children’s behaviors as “just being kids” without needed corrective action. Sometimes these behaviors can be shrugged off, while others need extraordinary attention. [...]

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