Some of you may or may not know that I am a reformed text book junkie. For the last few years I had been hooked on my text books for college. One of the many downfalls of obtaining a degree is the endless reading of boring text. Hatchette Books reformed me and I am happy [...]

It’s Friday night, you and your hubs are planning a great evening out! You have a babysitter lined up, the kids are primed, you take your time applying your makeup and getting ready when the worst happens.   The babysitter cancels.   What is a dressed up girl to do? Well why ruin a perfectly [...]

Sex is such a great topic. Very open in my household, though we limit specifics for obvious reasons. I don’t need my six year old running off to school talking about quickies and Nooners. So if you are prudish, squeamish, or sex is taboo…..DO NOT READ THIS. Or do but don’t hate on me.    [...]

The folks over at Yoplait have been INGENIOUS with creating foods especially for those who are on a diet but still want flavor and those who are pressed for time. As a mom of three kids, two are 18 month old twins, time is but a luxury. Meals have to be made and made fast. [...]

Let’s get the show on the road with all the goodies and deets!! I am stoked about the 200 postcards from UPrinting because they are so versatile! Use them for anything not just postcards. The cards come in different sizes of your liking: 4×6, 4.25×6, 5×7″. Not to mention the quality of the cards with [...]

Are you running into a snag when out and about and you don’t have a business card with you or something to give a friend, client, or networking associate that has your contact information. Are you left searching for a pen and paper or fumbling through your cell phone to add the contact or they [...]

PINGO Giveaway

With the fall school season right around the corner moms and dads will be sending kids back to school. For the poor college student calling home is a necessity, especially if they are not attending school in the same city, which would require a toll call or if they are not wireless yet. Or for [...]

I wanted to get all the UPrinting and UPrinting Subsidiaries (Online Poster Printing) up and at ’em for theses giveaway since school is upon us, not to mention BlogHer next week, SITScation and TypeAMomCon and we want to show off all those AWESOME summer memories! So you saw the sticker giveaway….now UPrinting is offering a [...]

UPrinting Sticker Giveaway

With BlogHer, SITScation, and TypeAMomCon just around the corner, we all need a way to say, “Hey, I HAVE ARRIVED!” The folks over at UPrinting are giving away to a lucky reader a chance to win 250 stickers of your own design!! That is right…CUSTOM STICKERS!! I know I could use the 250 stickers, with [...]

All In the Name Giveaway Part II

Alrighty…..the names are in!The Contest is created!! All of you who were so gracious to submit names for my soap business will receive your sample bar of soap!! I will be emailing you shortly to gather your shipping information….for the rest of you….stay tuned….more “soapy” giveaways are coming!! Now go vote and see what the [...]

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