Conservative Style Shade Clothing

As women become mothers and as we age our style still for the most part remains the same. We want to be stylish, we want to be “hip” but our style more or less evolves with our age and with our bodies. I have found that I still love to wear beautiful clothing that accentuates [...]

What woman doesn’t love shoes….seriously women love shoes, jewelry, handbags. So the kids reviewed shoes and I thought…why can’t mama review some shoes. I sought out shoes and I wanted shoes that are rugged, functional, classy, comfortable. I stumbled upon J-41 (Jambu) shoes and the collection is phenomenal. Here are all the features and benefits [...]

Pillsbury Thanksgiving Fun Pack

Anyone ready for Thanksgiving? How about the holidays period? Not me! In fact I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house again this year and I am just at a loss. Totally unprepared. I am in the process of baking my pies (yes they are my signature…move over Martha!) and I know not everyone loves pie, [...]

Sondra Roberts Twitter Party

Okay you handbag junkies, time to come out of the woodwork and come party on Twitter for an online fashion show for some HOT HOT HOT handbags from Sondra Roberts. If you haven’t seen Sondra’s bags and clutches you must go see for yourself. In fact that hot tote you see there is up for [...]

Can you see my kids theme yet? I know….more learning. But hey, learning is fun! Here is where learning is really fun and total play time for kids. All within moderation of course. I talked with the folks at JumpStart thanks to my fabulous friend Carissa Rogers (have you met her too? No…go check out [...]

Gifts for Kids: Bendaroos

  *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Educational toys are becoming hotter and hotter for kids and parents. The educational toys are not the standard toys we have stereotyped in the past, these toys allow for serious imagination on behalf of kids and parents. This year Grant was begging for Bendaroos for his [...]

People treat Christmas like this is the only time of year to get someone something completely mind blowing. I mean, is December the only time to get the ones you love totally mind blowing gifts and the rest of the year is a buzz kill? Not in my house. No one likes my lists….I am [...]

High Sierra Luggage

I am thoroughly enjoying all the entries for the AT505 because you really can get into the mind of the traveler when it comes to luggage. So let me present to you “Elevate” EL102 28-inch Wheeled Upright. Seems as though wheeled bags make for easier traveling. As a mother of twins anything on wheels makes [...]

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Click HERE! Do you have a PC or IT geek in your life? Mine is my husband. Complete. Geek. He starts to talk PC or anything beyond simple OS (operating system) and something unrelated to HTML, blogging, finance, etc….he might as well be speaking a dead or [...]

Do you have a family or family members that have everything and you are stumped. Truly you are at the gift giving conundrum pass of what to give as the perfect gift for someone or for everyone who has everything? I could bet you they do not have their very own fountain soda system. Seriously. [...]

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