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Can you see my kids theme yet? I know….more learning. But hey, learning is fun! Here is where learning is really fun and total play time for kids. All within moderation of course. I talked with the folks at JumpStart thanks to my fabulous friend Carissa Rogers (have you met her too? No…go check out [...]

Gifts for Kids: Bendaroos

  *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Educational toys are becoming hotter and hotter for kids and parents. The educational toys are not the standard toys we have stereotyped in the past, these toys allow for serious imagination on behalf of kids and parents. This year Grant was begging for Bendaroos for his [...]

Toys can be hit and miss with kids for the holidays. Many years DH and I have hunted for THE BEST toys for the kids only to have ONE be the singular toy they play with leaving us feeling defeated with having spent hours hunting for fabulous gifts. This year we opted to find great [...]

Gifts for Kids: BluePixo Twig

The saying of “boys will be boys” could not be more true in my home. The bane of my female mommy existence is Legos, Jedi’s, sword fighting, cars, more building, mud, you name it my boys play with it, destroy it, bring the stuff in, truly, boys will be boys in my home. While I [...]

Gifts for Everyone: Child to Cherish

The holiday season is not always about gifts but the meaning of the season, the thought really does count, and of course the keepsakes to look back at wonderful memories and times. *Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Child to Cherish will accomplish all of these by presenting an affordable gift that gives [...]

People treat Christmas like this is the only time of year to get someone something completely mind blowing. I mean, is December the only time to get the ones you love totally mind blowing gifts and the rest of the year is a buzz kill? Not in my house. No one likes my lists….I am [...]

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Ladies do you have a hard time finding the right cosmetics? I know I have. I always have. Just when I think I have found my right color, my right blend, my right ingredients, I find something horribly wrong with either the product, the way the product [...]

High Sierra Luggage

I am thoroughly enjoying all the entries for the AT505 because you really can get into the mind of the traveler when it comes to luggage. So let me present to you “Elevate” EL102 28-inch Wheeled Upright. Seems as though wheeled bags make for easier traveling. As a mother of twins anything on wheels makes [...]

Organic Clothing for Kids: Kushies

Sometimes infant and toddler items just seem to be a never ending sea of brands. However, some do stand out from the rest. While on my quest to find excellent kids gifts I came upon Kushies. I found them when doing a search for organic clothing. As you know The Five Fish strive to leave [...]

Get Rolling Nanda Clocky

Are you the type of person who sets your alarm clock an hour fast so you can snooze? How about setting the clock on the other side of the room so you HAVE to get up to turn it off? Are mornings a real drag….to say the least? Your solution? CLOCKY! From Nanda Home. This [...]

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