Gift Guide

People treat Christmas like this is the only time of year to get someone something completely mind blowing. I mean, is December the only time to get the ones you love totally mind blowing gifts and the rest of the year is a buzz kill? Not in my house. No one likes my lists….I am [...]

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Ladies do you have a hard time finding the right cosmetics? I know I have. I always have. Just when I think I have found my right color, my right blend, my right ingredients, I find something horribly wrong with either the product, the way the product [...]

High Sierra Luggage

I am thoroughly enjoying all the entries for the AT505 because you really can get into the mind of the traveler when it comes to luggage. So let me present to you “Elevate” EL102 28-inch Wheeled Upright. Seems as though wheeled bags make for easier traveling. As a mother of twins anything on wheels makes [...]

Organic Clothing for Kids: Kushies

Sometimes infant and toddler items just seem to be a never ending sea of brands. However, some do stand out from the rest. While on my quest to find excellent kids gifts I came upon Kushies. I found them when doing a search for organic clothing. As you know The Five Fish strive to leave [...]

Get Rolling Nanda Clocky

Are you the type of person who sets your alarm clock an hour fast so you can snooze? How about setting the clock on the other side of the room so you HAVE to get up to turn it off? Are mornings a real drag….to say the least? Your solution? CLOCKY! From Nanda Home. This [...]

*Five Fish always blog ethically and with transparency. Click HERE! Do you have a PC or IT geek in your life? Mine is my husband. Complete. Geek. He starts to talk PC or anything beyond simple OS (operating system) and something unrelated to HTML, blogging, finance, etc….he might as well be speaking a dead or [...]

Gifts for Her: ScentCrafters

Nothing in the world is more unique to a woman than something that she made or something that was made out of love for her. While on my quest for fabulous gifts for women for the holidays I came across ScentCrafters and their superior service. Have you ever wanted to make your own fragrance like [...]

Do you have a family or family members that have everything and you are stumped. Truly you are at the gift giving conundrum pass of what to give as the perfect gift for someone or for everyone who has everything? I could bet you they do not have their very own fountain soda system. Seriously. [...]

Do you find your husband travels quite a bit for business? (Maybe even you do as a working mom.) I know my husband travels quite a bit for work and he is constantly complaining of the amount of luggage he has to take with him which usually consists of his overnight bag, laptop bag, and [...]

Christmas has been so much fun for me last year and this year because of the twins. I was so blessed with one of each that now I have a mini-me to dress up, do her hair, we can do girlie things in a house full of boys. While on my quest to find the [...]

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