Family Life

Love Doesn’t Flow Up

Events in our lives, such as the death of a loved one, can seem to bring about great reflection regarding life. We often reflect in a rear facing manner on the “could have,” “should have,” and “would have” in relation to the loss of our loved one but never about the can and will be [...]

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Adulting is a real pain in my neck. Really, a pain in my ass, but neck works too because you use your neck for so much more. I digress. Growing up and evolving into an adult, learning the hard knocks of life, understanding who I am as a human, person, and being in this world [...]

Panty by Post

Move over mail order brides. Pop out of the way Netflix. Check out this new subscription service that will rival the traditional catalog purchase from Victoria’s Secret. Panty By Post is a subscription service that brings new panties to your mailbox monthly. They provide quality made, quality material undergarments for an affordable price. Pretty, fashionable [...]

Loving Care with LaKota Herbs

As you know our family is pretty crunchy, green, granola and alternative. I see a naturopathic doctor on a very regular basis. Not that I am opposed to western medicine by any stretch, however, my medical history with western doctors left me heavily medicated and with more problems than what I was originally diagnosed. So [...]

While many of us enjoyed a day free from work, many of us were celebrating the life of an ordinary man who had an extraordinary message. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired and continues to inspire people around the world with his powerful words and his timeless dream of kindness and equality. He is forever [...]

Growing up I remember my mother using vinegar for everything in our home. Bug bite? Apple cider vinegar. Ants and weeds in the yard? White vinegar. Vinegar seemed to be a staple in our home. Recalling when my mom put my childhood home on the market for us to move, my grandmother (her mother) came [...]

Loving versus Liking Your Kids

Conversations with my various friends have been taking place recently regarding kids, their kids, my kids, etc. The consensus was that they either did not like their children at all or they did not like them when they became teenagers. Wondering a bit at what happens when kids become teens that they suddenly are so [...]

Living in a Mad World

Hollowing lyrics play through my ears, a familiar song. “Their tears are filling up their glasses, No expression, no expression. Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow; No tomorrow, no tomorrow.” Listening to these words I am reminded of the craziness of our today, even the smallest craziness of today, parent teacher conferences. Still [...]

My kitchen is the most coveted room in the house next to my bedroom. Cleaning with a toxin free cleaner was challenging, so I wanted to share my DIY Softscrub AJjax type cleaner recipe. Have you ever watched chefs and the staff clean a five star restaurant? Yes that is what happens in my kitchen; [...]

52 Weeks to Toxin Free Home

Last year I made the decision to radically transform how my family maintains their wellness. Seven years ago we transformed the way we eat by eliminating toxic, processed food. Yet we did not eliminate all the toxins in our home, we still had cleaners, fabric softener, wax melts, and cosmetics to name a few. All [...]

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