Family Life

Blase Blah Blah Blase

Yeah can you so tell I am feeling a funk again. Must be because I have a million things going on at once and I am so behind on my ‘To Do’ List. Seriously, I even have an ELECTRONIC to do list on my sidebar here on Vista…… see.I have some checked off but not [...]

Chicks for Free

A quoted lyric from that great song in the 80s, you know the one right?? The Dire Straits, featuring Sting? Yea, love that song, especially the Money for Nothing part. This song was stuck in my head today as I had dealings with people that think that this is their world and the rest of [...]

Going Through the Big D

No I am not going through the big D…”and I don’t mean Dallas” cue music. But I have been reading, listening, and quite frankly sick and tired of all the speculation, theories, unnecessary anger, and minutiae from other people about divorce.Let’s get real folks….how many have you experienced divorce? Now put your hand down if [...]

Tools For Moms

The web is an endless plethora of information and resources. I mean you can Google yourself, a condition, a place, a picture, ANYTHING and you are redirected to lists and lists of information. As a mom this can be so frustrating as you weed through what is a reliable source and what is not. Often [...]

The Funk of All Funks

Most, okay, not sure on that, but so I have read, that most bloggers get into a funk where they cannot post. Nothing witty comes to mind, nothing exciting has happened to yield the space taken by a blog post, or they completely feel uninspired. Me….not so much.My funk all began on the eve of [...]

VGNO and Ann’s Birthday

Okay, I have so failed to post pertinent blog fodder content…which I have plenty from this week. Let me tell you…but let me tell you first that this is my first VGNO (Virtual Girl’s Night Out) and its a good thing….I am so behind. Yeah, you can consider me that drunk chick that you have [...]

My Disregarded Job

Many moms have TONS of jobs. The list is truly endless if we detail laundry, cleaning bathrooms, dishes, gardening and the like as a job. I used to have another full time job that I went to each and every morning. I loved my job. I hated the commute, but I loved (still love) my [...]

Funfilled Fourth

The Fourth of July is the ultimate celebration of Freedom and summer fun for the kids. This year while the squids were still not totally old enough to enjoy all the fun and festivities Big G had a blast and a front row seat to some of the best firework shows the East Valley (Phoenix [...]

Hide and Seek of Guilty Evidence

Kids, and even adults are so funny when they are busted. I mean they act like “What?” “Who me?” “What are you talking about?” Big G is the biggest offender of this. He is allowed one sugary type drink or snack a day, if that. And the option is one or the other…NOT BOTH. We [...]

The Phoenix Rises

With every life there is death. The story and life of the Phoenix is my favorite. Not only for the immortality but for the story that the Phoenix seems to die a painful death in it’s very own flames, and rises anew from it’s ashes. Today, I feel like the Phoenix.I created a very painful [...]

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