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For the love of Jeep

He was 24 and I was 19. We took early morning drives in the rich mountainous air of the Albuquerque valley. Warm and chilly all the same. Adventure took hold and we took the hardtop off and installed a bikini top. Chasing a bit more adventure were the splashes and rooster tails from the tires [...]

Life’s Better In a Jeep

Last November we made the decision to make an update to our lifestyle. You see, The Chad and I have always been outdoors people; camping, hiking, the open road and the wind at our feet describes our nonconformist hearts. Our life prior to children was filled with impulsive joy rides and haphazard escapades. The main [...]

Spring Cleaning “Truly” Done

Spring and summer weather dawn the days of increased creatures, crawlies, bugs and the like. As a desert dweller, Arizona native, we know that the warmer temps definitely mean that tiny creatures will be crawling, flying and scurrying about. In addition to the warm weather, rain and humidity often bring about pests that can cause [...]

Sea Life Aquarium Arizona

This past weekend my family and I were treated to a behind the scenes look at the newest sea member of the Sea Life Aquarium here in Arizona. The aquarium recently “adopted” a green sea turtle by the name of Ziva who was rescued in Florida. We were met by the bodacious and bubbly Kelly [...]

Arizona Celebration of Lights

This past Friday was the kickoff to the holiday season here in Phoenix. Not an official kickoff with ribbons and hoopla and hullabaloo, but a kickoff in the grand scheme of over seven million twinkling LED Christmas lights celebrating the wonderful season that truly commences this Thursday. Twinkling, glowing, flashing, dancing, and blinking in over [...]

Sip and Seed Bird Feeder

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. Spring has definitely arrived in Arizona. While the temperatures are starting to scorch into the high 80s this week, the flora and fauna are alive and bursting with color, scent and energy. This means that the wildlife are [...]

Priceless Gifts

Our family has a tradition of spending Christmas Eve with The Hudson side of my family (father’s side) while Christmas Day was generally reserved for my mother’s family. Especially since my parents divorced over 20 years ago Christmases continued on in this fashion, even after we grew up Christmases and the eve was spent much [...]

For the ailing heart

My love recently moved back to Arizona and I have to say that I am so selfishly excited, exuberant, wetting myself in joy, bouncing happy to have my sister home again! I know she is happy to be around her family again, but I know her poor heart cries for the South. My sister should [...]

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