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Wisdom of Youth

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“Respect your elders” my mother used to always tell me. Then I watched as the elders, elderly, and the older than me would disrespect me and what I had to say. As if my point of view and intellect carried any less weight as a human than theirs. Sure, they have walked the earth for some time, but does that qualify them for some hierarchy of respect that is given and not earned? [click to continue…]


If you have an older relative who has recently begun using a Miracle-Ear hearing aid, then you might be encountering some difficulties in helping them to adjust. Hearing aids are a great way to restore hearing capability and improve quality of life, but getting used to them can certainly be a bit of a learning curve. If you want to help an older relative transition smoothly into their new life with a hearing aid, here are four great tips to help you get started. [click to continue…]


Not Yet Rated


Gripping at the final credits as the film winds through the reels, waiting patiently in the dark for the next teaser. Some trailer or scene, spoilers for a sequel. All that is the left is the on location references and music acknowledgments, bore fest. My life was turning into that same scene of musical contributions and location listings, only the equivalency was a historical ledger, best known as a resume, of career moves and an epic failure. [click to continue…]


Girls fashion is all over the board. I swore to The Chad I didn’t want a daughter because I was terrified of the world she would be raised. Obviously I ate those words, but today I am terrified nonetheless because of the amount of undue and unnecessary sexualization in our society that is aimed at young girls and young women. Fashion seems to be the biggest driver. However, I have found that even the best gems in fashion can emerge under all the pressure. Some girly, gutsy female entrepreneurs that create fun fashion without oversexualizing and or seeming too dull or lacking relevancy for young women. [click to continue…]


wedding party Dadwedding party MomToday would have marked my parent’s fortieth (40) wedding anniversary. I am in awe because they have been divorced longer than they were ever married. I was inspired to write this post because of an interaction by proxy of both of my parents. Feeling like a gossip as I held these secrets between each of my parents in separate conversations. During those conversations I learned what their divorce taught me about marriage, my marriage. [click to continue…]

Its Your Calling Calling

I have done many eccentrically brave (or daft) actions in my life. All of these actions called to me at some point, I heard them, they spoke to me, so I answered without hesitation. My first tattoo as an adult, a declaration that I am me, symbolizing my adulthood, independence and personality. Moving out of my parents home, heeding the call of the wild world, jumping feet first into the business instead of college. Still a teen (an adult child of sorts), I became the boss to a gaggle of man-children in business….see mom, being bossy paid off, leadership skills. [click to continue…]


Let me just say I am very particular and have undiagnosed OCD, I have to have things a certain way. When I listen to music I have despised the old school foam headphones, they made me want to itch. The over the ear headphones cause a feeling of claustrophobia. In the ear, well, those have to fit or I am constantly fidgeting which causes me even more frustration. I love to hear the sound of music, clearly, so ear buds have to be just right. From the deep bass, to the treble and understanding the words speaking life into my ears. Ear buds are like Cinderella’s glass slipper, not each ear is like the other, you have to find that right fit. [click to continue…]