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What The Fork Are You Eating

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If you are like others who started off the new year feeling not yourself or your health is less than favorable, your initial thought might be to start exercising, eating better, and then maybe visit your doctor. Did you know that most physicians who advise to eat a healthy diet and exercise cannot even tell you what a healthy diet looks like? That’s right! In fact, 99 of the 106 medical schools polled in a survey indicated they only required some form of education (conference, seminar, etc), but do not require a formal university course study. So what the fork are you eating and what the fork can your doctor really tell you about your diet when they don’t even know? Stephanie Sacks, author, certified nutritionist and chef, can help you overhaul your plate and your pantry in her book “What the Fork Are You Eating?: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate.”

This book is absolutely revolutionary in breaking down the foods we eat, why we should or should not eat, buy, or consider them as food items. We spend so much time focusing on “low-fat” or “sugar free,” with the intention of helping ourselves, but all we are doing is pumping more artificial additives into our bodies that we simply cannot process.

By no means am I a dietary professional, scientist or physician, however, I am a consumer and person who struggled with the reality of food and how it wreaked havoc on my life. My weight suffered, my skin as I had horrible acne, fatigue, and my own personal struggle and triumph with cervical cancer. Converting to a whole foods, organic diet allowed me to take control of all these ailments and help me live a better life with more energy and radiance.

“What the Fork Are You Eating” will help you understand how foods are made, how they affect your body, our environment, and your budget. A step-by-step guide to the small changes that have a big impact on our family health and the financial health of our budgets. Not only will you learn about how, or how little, our food is regulated, but this book is packed with wholesome, affordable recipes that your entire family is sure to love.

If you are ready to read the most powerful, life changing book of the year, then enter to win your very own copy of “What the Fork Are You Eating: An Action Plan for Your Pantry and Plate

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National holidays and obscure national holidays seem to be all the rage. National Pancake Day, National Donut Day and National Pizza Day have all generated a devout following for food holidays. Some sanctioned, some adopted by the masses to celebrate…well because they can. So this January 2nd we are celebrating National Hot Sauce Day to really heat up the winter. Hot sauces around the world will be heating up kitchens as they flow onto our favorite foods as one of our popular condiments.

tabanero, national hot sauce day, hot sauce, thefivefish.comWe were blessed to help celebrate this honorary day of spice and heat with a complimentary bottle of Tabañero. Our normal hot sauce of choice is Cholula, Tobasco, and or my own homemade recipe, we put hot sauce on just about everything, including our already spicy foods like enchiladas. I am not sure if because we live in the southwest, but hot sauce is just a way of life for us. The bottle of Tabañero was calling my name and I couldn’t wait to try it on my eggs and spinach for breakfast. Oh baby! Was I so glad this was my meal of choice because this Yucatan Peninsula inspired concoction was absolutely divine!

My kids were all about the sauce. They had some with cheese crisps, enchiladas, eggs, whatever they ate Tabanero went atop. We are THAT serious about our sauce. The name is deceiving because of the Habanero but this picante style hot sauce has a wonderful smokey flavor which is all part of the pepper and spices used to make this amazing condiment. Simplistic and gorgeous on your pallete with the fewest of ingredients: select Habanero peppers, carrots, onions, key lime juice, agave, garlic, salt and grapefruit seed extract. Basically it was awesome in a bottle in our house. Then it was gone.

national hot sauce day, tabanero, thefivefish.comYes, that is the dead soldier.


Tabañero couldn’t even live to see the grand day of celebration with festivities happening online and onsite in Los Angeles with giveaways (win a year’s supply), trade-in programs where you surrender your current hot sauce for a bottle of Tabañero and take advantage of special anniversary recipes inspired by and containing The Most Flavorful Hot Sauce in the World.

Where did Tabañero come from? The back of co-founder Kevin Peake’s car as he launched Tabañero for sale in 2011. Tabañero Hot Sauce is firmly rooted in its humble beginnings and is committed to giving back a portion of its proceeds to the Tabasco region of Mexico where their journey began.  Tabañero is a very unique hot sauce made from all-natural ingredients from Tabasco, Mexico, situated on the exotic Yucatán Peninsula. Taking a clue from the Mayans (who occupied the Yucatán Peninsula thousands of years ago and were one of the first civilizations to use peppers to flavor their native cuisine) the Tabañero Hot Sauce team, in 2007, began to utilize the fertile crops of the area to design the first recipe of the future award-winning hot sauce.

Whether you are a hot sauce aficionado, foodie, fan, or want to live on the edge and try a little something new, Tabañero will help you celebrate this holiday with some spice. Or spice up your Sunday Funday with Tabañero bloody Mary mixes! Gluten free and mild enough for even those who prefer ketchup as their condiment of choice. So go out and get spicy my friend, Happy National Hot Sauce Day.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary bottle on behalf of Tabañero, I make no claims about how spicy this may be on your wimpy mouth.

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Last night while trolling Facebook I couldn’t help but to comment on a status about how a cheap wedding leads to a successful marriage. Being that I can’t help my flippant self I commented about how its not about the wedding but its about the after-party and the honeymoon. Yes, I have a dry sense of humor, much like a fine Bordeaux. I digress. My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and have been together 18 years. We have a secret sauce for our successful marriage; trial by fire with various traumas that require us to come together as a united front. You want to know if a marriage is successful, go from the frying pan to the furnace to see how they handle a crisis.

The Chad and I were a very tumultuous couple when we were initially courting. Fighting over the most trivial issues and concerns. We both have Type-A personalities, Einstein brilliance, and a will that won’t break. Spliced with our youth, we were a recipe for disaster. Aside from that, we love(d) each other unconditionally which prompted us to spend the rest of our lives together. Our marriage for the first years was a lot of fun. We enjoyed a great amount of freedom just the two of us. Traveling, socializing and exploring what new adventure we would take on next. The next big adventure happened to be having kids.

Crisis number one.

Peace at the beachBy all means our first crisis of having a child is not negative, but as young 20somethings having a child is crisis management because your entire life changes. Late nights having drinks are now late nights of your child taking drinks…of breast milk. Building dreams are now replaced with building dream palaces for your child. Fashion and couture are replaced by burp cloths and onesies. Adjusting to having a child can be hard if you struggle letting go of your old self, which both of us struggled with a bit. We still wanted to be “THAT” couple. We still wanted to be ourselves, but with having a child you have to evolve, which means your marriage does as well.

Crisis number two.

Karie and her LexusEvolution of self and marriage. Personally, I struggled embracing and juggling all my jobs. Wife. Mother. Woman. Food source. Business woman. Sex kitten. Karie. Suddenly my self was a swirling smorgasbord of uncertainty. I didn’t know how to handle all these people, responsibilities, who came first was my child, but I needed to make sure I was able to care for him. My husband needed attention, but I needed to make sure I had taken care of G which meant I needed to be in tip top shape. An internal argument of Darwinism, which came first the chicken or the egg. I began to get lost in myself and the search for who she was and is. Somewhere in there our marriage started to become disoriented.

Crisis again.

In all the disorientation we really complicated matters as I found I was pregnant again. Our son was barely eight months old and now I was pregnant again. The crisis threat level was now about to go supernova, but we were able to bear down. Coming together we grieved the loss of ourselves and that our dream included these extensions of ourselves, extensions of our love, our children, our new world. Just as we were finally comfortable again we were hit with devastating news that our pregnancy was doomed and I would miscarry at home. Not an ordinary miscarriage though, this was a premature delivery with labor pains, pushing in order to counteract the pain, a battle I fought alone through blood, anguish, loss and solitary despair. Yet another crisis, but one I chose to conquer on my own.

The DarknessLooking back I probably should have included The Chad but I know his heart and I wanted to spare him the horror that I was experiencing. The war I waged through my loss that late night and early morning in my bathroom is not one for any human to experience, ever. I just couldn’t bear to see his pain, our pain, maybe I was selfish but I couldn’t let him have that memory. From that day forward I got lost again. I battled with postpartum depression. Somehow The Chad and I were making it through, maybe by grace.

Crisis hit again as we came to arms with my mental capacity to overcome depression and how the medication nearly destroyed my life, more evolution of selves. We then became that couple as we sought counseling. Barely married six years, late 20something, early 30s, suburbia yuppies seeking counseling. How cliche I thought. So gauche. I ate my thoughts as we discovered so much about ourselves, our marriage, our family in those sessions. We learned to become a united.

Sitting on a couch bleeding your emotions of anger, rage, hurt, sadness, brought forth so much information, elightenment and respect for each other. Though we had to get through the emotional grenades and gun cocking and firing at one another, we saw light, we saw each other. We saw we were people, with faults, with love for each other. The moment of truth came when we went to bed after a session and we said it was time to move on, too much damage was done that we could no longer swim to shore in a sinking ship. Admitting love for each other but that we might be better off without the other for the sake of our child.

Laying under the sheets, looking at each other through clenched jaw muscles and tears, breathing through the pain that felt as if gravity would crush me, I saw lifetimes pass by, almost as if on fast forward. We both took a deep breath and went to sleep, stubborn love saying goodbye.

The next morning we agreed divorce was not on the horizon, we made the commitment to work on our marriage, ourselves; we were finding a way to let the wounds heal and move forward. The path was not easy, the hurt, the pain, almost numbing. No one said this would be easy. We wanted this, we chose this life; love isn’t easy, life isn’t easy. Anything of value does not come easy but through hard work and a great deal of effort. Boundaries were set and agreements were made, compromise, understanding, and we started to listen to each other again instead of placing blame.

Progress was being made. We were at a pivotal point when we found we were pregnant again, pregnant again with twins. Crisis.

twins, twin infants, twin babiesThis crisis really was an eye opener as we melded as a team. Twins taught us about how two people should and can truly be different, yet so similar. G defined this ideal. For eight months I told him Seth and Sara were “in my tummy.” I understood two people. His understanding was that Seth and Sara was one entity; imagine his surprise when he saw two baby carriers the day we came home. He guffawed as he pointed at each of them and asked why there were two, we had to tell him one was Seth and one was Sara. His innocent outlook about his siblings was the definition of our marriage and how I would raise him and these two blessings. Individually plural.

The Chad and I struggled with various other marital struggles that arise as you age and life lobs softballs of challenges. The single most important fact was that we were the same people, changed by the events and environment of our experiences. Admitting we loved each other and we wanted to make it work, took acknowledging that our marriage, our family was not about us as individuals, but about the other person. Compromise was admitting when you are wrong, no matter how much damage you took to your pride. Communication was about taking out the fault, the finger pointing, having a poignant conversation about facts, proposing solutions that worked for everyone, including the kids, especially the kids, even if that meant looking to divorce.

Our most recent crisis was financial. The timing aligned with the world financial crisis. Like most couples we could have fought endlessly, but we chose to talk. We talked deeply, passionately, about our future, our family like we never had before. Setting aside differences in the goals we had, ideals we learned based on how we were raised. The Chad lost his job and I was barely making enough at the bank to keep us afloat. We were drowning, but we did not fall victim to our misfortune, we banded together, set out a plan. Family came first, the kids were our primary concern and we were making every effort to ensure this would not affect them in the least.

Only by grace were we able to survive. If we had not connected as people and respected each other through adequate communication and compromise we would have probably been divorced years ago. I am ever thankful for each of our crises, decisions, I hold no regrets. The magic sauce for our successful marriage came in the form of hard work, commitment to do what was right, even if doing the right thing meant divorce, and above all else we had love. Today I love The Chad more than the day I married him, I am more in love with him than the day we met. I could not have asked for a better man to partner with in this adventure we call life.


Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The holidays take such a toll and wreak havoc on my diet. Stress. Celebrations. Temptations. Now that we have crested into a new year and celebrations aside I can get back to my normal eating habits. However, some of us may need a leg up when we get back on the wagon to health and fitness, but with all the products on the market which one is the one to choose? If seeking an appetite suppressant that is not loaded with chemicals why not try out Garcinia Ambogia Extract 85% HCA Complex-2 which is an herbal supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Natural, extracted only from the natural source (Not synthesized in lab) by using natural water(Scientifically Developed Patented Extraction Method), a traditional Ayurveda method by eliminating the use of harsh solvent like alcohol, acetone etc.

Garcinia Cambogia is aimed to control your appetite, blocks fat, increase serotonin level (Good for people who eat more in stress) and increase the energy level. The ultimate weight loss goal is achieved by only proper use of Diet and Exercise and the goal is boosted by Garcinia Cambogia fat blocking effect as studied in many credible clinical studies.

Get a boost with your New Years resolutions to improve your eating habits. Available for purchase on Amazon for $27.99, I received a bottle of this supplement to try out. While Garcinia Cambogia makes no official claims, the supplement has been helpful in aiding my fitness and health goals to get back on track for the new year.

The Five Fish received this product as a sample in exchange for review and exposure of this product. The Five Fish makes no official claims but shares personal opinion as it pertains to the use and application of the product. Please defer to our FTC Compliant notice.


Valentine’s Day Photobooks

Our favorite Hallmark holiday is just around the corner. If you are like me and think that flowers just die and chocolate makes our hips a little more voluptuous despite New Years resolutions, there are alternatives to exhibit your love and affection. One great way to capture your loved one’s heart for Valentine’s day is with a photobook. I adore tangible gifts that can be put to use day after day and year after year.

Show that special someone how much you love them this year. Create a one-of-a-kind custom photobook from Blurb. With their cutting-edge book-making tools, you can make a book that’s all about the most special person in your life or share your story with your closest loved ones. You can add photos, words, stories, drawings—anything you want.

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You can even create one from your Facebook or Instagram accounts, this handy little video will show you how! So what are you waiting for? Start making that special gift today, prices start as low as $12.99!

Instead of flowers that die or candies that kill your New Years goals, show your timeless affection for the one you love with a Valentine’s photobook.

This post contains affiliate links and is a sponsored placement of which fees and or payments were distributed to Blondies LLC on behalf of The Five Fish.


Feed Your Cravings Guilt Free with Tandoor Chef

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I love the new year. Chock full of resolutions most of us cannot keep past February. Most of us fall off the wagon because we start craving the foods we love, ache and sneak in to eat hoping no one saw that whip cream at the edge of our lips. Sticking to your resolution goals shouldn’t be the challenge, you can feed those cravings guilt free with Tandoor Chef. Personally I love great Indian and Thai food…my husband can nail me for it any day of the week, but I can overdo the eating feeling bloated and killing my meal plan. Tandoor Chef is a great on the go, frozen meal option that can help you stay on track with counting those calories without falling off the “diet” wagon.

thefivefish.com, tandoor chef, indian cuisineIn the early 1970’s, Mrs. Bhagwati Amin’s love for good authentic cuisine gave birth to a hobby. She had a passion for sharing the cuisine and culture of her homeland, and served delicious food to friends and neighbors at every possible opportunity. In just a short time, her products became very popular. In 1977, Mrs. Amin and her husband began work on what is today Deep Foods – producing a full line of Tandoor Chef frozen appetizers, entrées and side dishes that delight households across the United States. Today the Tandoor Chef brand remains a family affair, now incorporating the second generation who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, dreaming up new entrées for you to enjoy.

thefivefish.com, tandoor chef, indian cuisineSince my recent schedule has not allowed me to enjoy a great sit down meal out at my favorite Indian restaurant I haven’t had a chance to feed my guilty pleasure. With that being said, Tandoor Chef provided me with two coupons to explore the variety of dishes from appetizers to main course, and even naan pizzas. Opting for a meal slash appetizer I snagged some samosas (which are always a favorite of mine and my children) and the curry chicken.

Props to Deep Foods, Tandoor Chef as I was pleasantly surprised to the taste and authenticity of their meals. I noshed on these the other day while getting a bit of work done and enjoyed the taste and flavor. Many of their meals are under 300 calories and offer options like gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan to accommodate many different types of diets. If you are making New Years resolutions goals and challenges and want to stay on track yet enjoy a few guilty pleasures check out the frozen food aisle and Tandoor Chef.

Disclaimer: I was provided two coupons to review Tandoor Chef at no cost, this has no impact to my opinion or outlook of the product and or services.


What Getting Fired Taught Me About Faith


I loved my job at the bank. I love my beliefs, my God. The two, however, did not love one another, a constant battle that resulted in my being fired. My family began to suffer due to extenuating and unnecessary demands for my time at work. I was engulfed in my ambitions to climb this imaginary ladder to a pinnacle with no peak. Best efforts to rise above, think outside the box to improve processes and mitigate negative customer impact resulted in negative blow back. I had to pay taxes for being a woman in the corporate game where I refused to fall on my knees in an act of fellatio to the men that controlled the future of my career. A hidden blessing came from my termination, a lesson about having faith.

What I lacked was faith.

On this day one year ago I was subject to a bank sanction for my transgress questioning regarding neglect of escalated customer files. Toe-to-toe with senior leaders, respectably inquiring of laxity on such high profile reviews. My bold actions came with an expense as my career teetered with my every breath. The sanction was harsh based on my principal to forgo a meeting with my superior and his superior. As a woman I felt bullied, ganged up on and terrified to be in a closed door meeting with my boss. He was repugnant with violent outbursts, mistrust, berating actions, I feared him. So with that, the sentence was issued for 12 months where I was hamstrung to initiate any emails to anyone above my pay grade and in the event any of my actions were seen contrary to senior leadership direction I would be subject to termination.

Devastated. I held strong as I choked down the pain and a bit of my pride. Upon returning to my desk one of my employees saw me distraught and offered comfort. She stood strong in her faith and offered to pray with me, right then, in the office. Her prayer offered comfort and strength in a time where I was floundering without. Keeping my composure was out of the question. I gasped for air through tears, heartbreak and the overwhelming amount of love and kindness from my subordinate.

What I learned in that moment, in that prayer, in my retching state, was how out of control the events were and how little I could control; how I needed to have faith.

The months following resulted in frustration, anger, my patience began to wear thin at home due to my restrictions in the workplace. Struggling to deal with these frustrations, they were improperly misdirected to my family. I began to dive deeper into scripture. I sought comfort and relief in prayer to pacify my unrest and provide answers. Everyday I prayed for a new job. Praying to be away from the tyrant who I had to answer to on a daily basis. I prayed for him to gain wisdom because his doltish ways made me want to slap my palm to my face, repeatedly.

My prayers were being heard, as each day I found more strength to tolerate my job. Job interviews were rolling in and my outlook was positive and the bleakness began to subside. However, offers for said jobs were less than forthcoming. By this time I was a month into my corrective action and I attended a conference on prayer. Bold, direct prayers were what we needed and while those prayers are not always answered right away or the way we want them to be answered, an answer will one day come nonetheless. So I stayed the course and kept on with my prayers. I was a step closer to understanding and gaining faith.

Staying the course led me into the mouth of the serpent on June 19th, 2014 as my employment was terminated from Wells based on violation of their ethics policy. The policy that I so strongly upheld based on the vision of the organization. Great irony and peace was found in my termination, and on that day my faith was made stronger. I prayed to escape the confines of the misogynist who I believed controlled my future and career. Granted my release was through termination, I was able to identify my blessing; my faith was cemented in the fact that this one event would transform my entire being and life.

How deluded I was to think such horrific thoughts that this puny, mortal man would carry such a weight. My God carried more weight and power than he did. On that day I felt an amazing peace and strength as I shook my former boss’ hand and I wished him well. Even though I was the one who was terminated, I had the strength, class and happiness to accept my fate. That was faith I had felt in the Lord as He guided me through that moment.

From that day I have had nothing but faith.

I prayed each day to guide me through, to show me where I needed to be in life and with my family. Prayer for assistance through my unemployment, to provide financially. I asked to be shown what He was willing for me in my life. Pleasantly surprised by the answer of I had extra time on my hands, so I began writing again. A love I have forgotten to resort to when my brain was overflowing with words and thoughts. Think Dumbledore and his Pensieve. My writing has helped open doors for me that I had previously left dormant, my expression let me explore gifts I never exploited previously. The world was a keystroke away.

Prayers showed me how deep my faith truly was when I asked to provide for my family, my children, especially when Christmas was around the corner. So I made the struggling decision to tithe, at the ten percent, when I had so little. My meager earnings I was bringing into our home was what little I could do to honor my Father, but it was enough in His eyes. Gigs began to roll in, finances began to improve little by little, Christmas was in more than an abundance. He saw me through, God deepened my faith by showing me his great will for me, my family, my life.

Time was utilized more wisely as I began volunteering more at my church. Applying my knowledge in various capacities benefited others and I was beyond joy to help so selflessly. My nature is benevolent with every fiber, so I was eager to share my dexterity in a multitude of areas within the organization that so deeply touched my life. This is what he was calling me to do.

Fleeting moments would wave over me of panic, grief, fear. I would be celebratory with joy, overcome by anger, frustration, and then emotional exhaustion. While I would have momentary lapses and succumb to the weakness, faith is what carried me through. Praying in the heat of that moment got me through. God, carried me through. I was meant to feel the pain, to work through my feelings, I needed to learn what He was telling me. The uncertainty was all part of the learning process. Learning to have unwavering faith in the face of our darkest moments. Moments that we would dwell upon, share with others; misery loves company, but I just couldn’t share with anyone else but Him.

When I would apply for positions I was more than amply qualified for, hear nothing in response to those applications, I learned to have faith. When I questioned why I didn’t get those jobs, my daughter would come to me and beg that I not go back to work as her eyes welled with tears, I had faith. When finances began to strain, I dug in with my tithing and never faltered, I had faith and then He provided. Hebrews 11:1 speaks of faith, “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” I hoped for happiness, success, freedom. All of those were provided for me because I prayed enough, believed in my bold prayers enough, had enough faith that this wouldn’t be easy, but my outcome would be the most beneficial.

I could not see that my happiness, success, and freedom was within me, God given. I just had to see what made me happy was being myself and not letting others try to change who I was, who I am. I just had to see that my success was in the eyes of the beholder; three priceless sets of blue eyes who saw that I could create in my kitchen what Van Gogh did on canvas. More so was the partial stranger who read this blog and sang praises of the raw beauty in life and the emotions I painted from writing about those moments. I found an immense faith in being fired when I learned to see. I just had to see that my freedom was in letting go, relinquishing control of a life so out of control, having faith of His greater plan for me.