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Single Parenting

Growing up in a single parent home we sometimes fail to recognize the struggle parents experience without a partner to assist in raising children and running a household. My mom went about raising myself and my siblings all by her lonesome. A mortgage, car payment, grocery shopping and ensuring our safety, well-being, education and care landed squarely on her shoulders. Many of my friends experience this same challenge everyday. I commend them for their single parenting as I only experience the challenge when The Chad goes out of town. [click to continue…]

KNex Mighty Makers

knex, legos for girls, knex mighty makers

KNex Mighty Makers sets is creating toys to empower young girls by lighting their creative spark and inspiring their curiosity in science. KNex displays that toys, building sets and science are not gender specific. [click to continue…]

Whish For Better Skin

whish beauty, whish organic, whish body, whish shave, whish body butter, whish organics

Being an Arizona native one might think that my skin and body would be tolerant of the extreme heat and arid summer climate. The fact remains as I have aged, my skin is not as resilient and tolerant to the harsh environment. Dry, ashy, and sometimes cracking, breaking skin happens on my shins, hands, fingers and feet if I am not on top of my skin care. Traditional lotions, creams and oils are petroleum based and laden with chemicals, perfumes and other additives which only further perpetuates the problem of dry skin. As I am always on the hunt for wonderful organic products I was approached about a homegrown company here in Arizona, Whish body products. Whish was created by one man’s quest to grace his bride with the best shave experience, for better skin, all while leaving her smelling delicious. [click to continue…]

Arizona Sweet Corn Festival

Arizona sweet corn festival, sweet corn, Mortimer farms, sweet corn Mortimer farms, AZ corn

Arizona has always been known for their five C’s: cotton, citrus, copper, cattle and climate. While Arizona boasts the dry,warm climate of the summer months, cooler temperatures in the northern climates are a wonderful escape. The other “C” that Arizona offers is the corn, as in sweet corn! In the town of Dewey, Arizona right outside of Prescott this welcoming community hosts the annual Arizona Sweet Corn Festival at Mortimer Farms every summer. [click to continue…]

Hemera: Watches Beyond the Boardroom

hemera, hemera kickstarter, hemera watches

Just the other day while conducting early holiday shopping, installations of Halloween decorations and paraphernalia littered the local stores which means that Hanukkah and Christmas will be following soon after. If these signs spark inspiration of early holiday shopping, now is the time, especially if you are seeking that “It gift” for your spouse and or significant other. Husbands are always running off to meetings, business conferences and luncheons, the one accessory any man needs to put together his ensemble is a chic functional watch. As a man on the go with boardroom business he also represents a rugged outdoorsy nature with Jeep trails, hiking and volunteer efforts. Every man needs a beyond the boardroom style watch that is tasteful and can withstand an active lifestyle, so for this holiday season gifting the Hemera Radiant in his stocking is sure to be the “It gift.” [click to continue…]

JAWS Non-toxic Cleaning: Safer, Greener

non-toxic cleaning, just add water cleaning, JAWS cleaning, jaws clean

Now that the kids are back to school my home can have some resemblance of normalcy and order. By order I mean that the cleanliness will be much easier to maintain throughout the week, if not weeks, while school is in session. So I spent the earliest part of my Friday morning power cleaning my house in celebration of back to school. Despising the work of cleaning, yet embracing it’s cathartic powers, I recalled how I was provided a new non-toxic cleaning solution to try in my home and I was put at ease. My disdain with cleaning comes from the lack of effective non-toxic products on the market that are readily available. As a mother of three children, a Lhasa-Poo, toad and husband, ensuring their overall health is my top priority. [click to continue…]

BuyDig Camera Promotion

Bloggers are you looking for a great way to help improve your traffic, increase stats and or engagement on giveaways? Have you considered group promotion? Check out the great opportunity below and be sure to enter the giveaway when it goes live. [click to continue…]

Natalie Imbruglia’s New Album – Male

Natalie Imbruglia a three time Grammy nominee, songwriter, actor and model releases a long awaited new album in tribute to her fellow “male” colleagues of the business. Remakes of some classical gems in this sweet remix of songs. [click to continue…]

twins, twin toddlers, double trouble, twin, boy girl twins, fraternal twins

Multiples are such a curiosity; twins, triplets and higher order multiples always garner childlike questioning from adults. Over the years I have compiled many of these questions, to this day they still make me giggle. During the height of the whole Octo-Mom fiasco, people flocked to the twins and I like a moth to a flame. The gamut of vulnerable, obvious, sometimes silly and sometimes outrageous questions presented themselves to the marveling passersby. Here is my top list of questions from people (and parents) without twins ask parents who have twins and higher order multiples: [click to continue…]

10 Tips to help your child for back to school

back to school, tips for back to school, classroom, learning, education

Ten weeks of summer is just too long these days for kids and parents to brave. For some parents they have experienced the endless summer as their toddlers will be going to school for the very first time. Other parents will be fighting the struggles and anxiety some children feel shortly before going back to school. The event can be troublesome with getting back into the routine of early bedtimes, early morning wake-up calls, different teachers, different schools. Here are 10 tips to help your child (and you) for back to school. [click to continue…]