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Homemade stainless steel cleaner, homemade toxin free cleaners,Essential oils for DIY all purpose cleaner

When I remodeled my kitchen some ten plus years ago I did not think about the struggles and troubles of owning stainless steel appliances. Granted I only had my oldest son at the time and I figured we would be a one child family, not even considering the possibility of when we had our twins. Now we have 20 hands and 50 fingers all over my gleaming appliances…well once gleaming. I really do not mind the smudges and fingerprints most days, they are a beautiful reminder of the blessings God has granted me with these awesome people in my life. Other days when my inner dragon lady takes hold and we have company headed over, I curse and rue the day I ever bought stainless steel appliances no matter how gorgeous they may look in my kitchen. Those times I want my appliances to shine like new I sought after the best stainless steel cleaner, of which I came up short, a lot! I have tried every commercial cleaner known to man and even tried vinegar and those stainless steel rat bastards got the better of me. Until I opted for a toxin free option for a stainless steel cleaner and with items right from my pantry. [click to continue…]

88 EightyEight Handbags Review & Giveaway


Some women love shoes. Some women covet makeup. Other women swoon for handbags. To be honest I fall in the middle with all of these as I adore shoes, quality handbags, and makeup is just so pretty. Recently I was introduced to a wonderful handbag company called 88 EightyEight Handbags and they are just awesome. [click to continue…]

Muay Thai in Thailand For Your Next Holiday

Suwit Muay Thai in Thailand

When people talk about holidays they usually discuss the best beaches and attractive places where people can relax and enjoy life. However, in the recent period there is a growing trend among people who are planning their next holiday. They are getting more interested in the physical activities in which they can participate in the country they have chosen to visit. In case you are one of these people and you have finally decided to take some actions and do something good for your health, we will recommend visiting Thailand. [click to continue…]

Escape to Winter Park Colorado with Epic Mountain Sports

Escape to Winter Park Colorado with Epic Mountain Sports, Epic Mountain Sports skiing, Epic Mountain Sports rentals

Living in the southwest many people have this preconceived idea that we have a great deal of flat terrain and desert. While we are a desert, our landscape is not totally sand, cactus and tumbleweeds. Some of the most beautiful landscape are the majestic mountains that paint our horizons. Even greater are the mountain ranges at higher elevations that host a playground of fun with ski and snowboard attractions. Arizona may have some decent skiing and snowboarding, but for some serious snow, escape to Colorado. Escape to Winter Park, Colorado with Epic Mountain Sports where you can enjoy time away from the day-to-day. [click to continue…]

Homemade wood furniture cleaner, DIY wood furniture cleaner

Funny thing when I was perusing Facebook the other day, I follow a page called Grow Food Not Lawns and one of the memes they posted was that we want natural ingredients in our cleaners but our foods we are okay with artificial or chemical ingredients. The meme said something to the effect of a wood furniture cleaner made with real lemons, but our foods are flavored with artificial lemon. We have become of backwards society in that we look more to convenience and ease than what is really good for us. Yes, the argument is that the items are cheap and inexpensive, but what about the overall cost to our health? Is the immediate savings really worth the long term price? With all the being said here we are for another week in our 52 Weeks to Toxin Free, where I am pleased to share the easiest and most lovely homemade wood furniture cleaner. [click to continue…]

I am Martin Luther King, Jr. Ordinary People Change the World book series, childrens books

While many of us enjoyed a day free from work, many of us were celebrating the life of an ordinary man who had an extraordinary message. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired and continues to inspire people around the world with his powerful words and his timeless dream of kindness and equality. He is forever shared of his love and bravery towards equality in the children’s book series Ordinary People Change the World by Brad Meltzer, titled, “I am Martin Luther King, Jr.” [click to continue…]

52 Weeks to Toxin Free Glass Surface Cleaner

DIY all purpose spray and cleaner using Young Living essential oils

Growing up I remember my mother using vinegar for everything in our home. Bug bite? Apple cider vinegar. Ants and weeds in the yard? White vinegar. Vinegar seemed to be a staple in our home. Recalling when my mom put my childhood home on the market for us to move, my grandmother (her mother) came over to help power clean the house and paint. The smell seemed very pungent for me as a child, but looking back I realize this was more about the paint and not the chemicals they were using to clean the house. You see, these two ladies went to town scrubbing the entire house in vinegar. Not ammonia. Not bleach. So I am going to break down an awesome toxin free glass surface cleaner for you to use in your home that is cheaper, safer, healthier and smells better than any other glass and surface cleaner in your home. [click to continue…]

Keeping a clean house is literally a full time job, hence why services exist to clean our homes. Cleaning is a dirty job. Yes, such an oxymoron. All the elbow grease and oomph you put into keeping a clean home. From the laundry to the dishes, vacuuming to the dusting, scrubbing and mopping. I do my best in our house to keep each room clean as we go about each day, while this is idealistic with three kids, we give it the old college try. As I mentioned in my DIY Softscrub and Ajax post, my kitchen is the most beloved room in my house. Nirvana, a sense of zen and peace wash over me while in my kitchen, so I go to great lengths to keep it clean. Bathrooms, however, are at the top of my least favorite room in the house, yet the second most important to keep clean. So I needed a DIY all purpose cleaner and spray that could cut through grease and shit…pardon the pun. [click to continue…]

Loving versus Liking Your Kids

Liking your kids, loving your kids and liking your kids

Conversations with my various friends have been taking place recently regarding kids, their kids, my kids, etc. The consensus was that they either did not like their children at all or they did not like them when they became teenagers. Wondering a bit at what happens when kids become teens that they suddenly are so disliked by their parents, other than the raging hormonal confliction and new found understanding of the world. I also wondered a bit why some parents did not like their children at all, no matter what age. How can you not like your kids? Loving your kids versus liking your kids are truly different aspects, yet I see them as much the same. [click to continue…]

Living in a Mad World

Hollowing lyrics play through my ears, a familiar song.

“Their tears are filling up their glasses, No expression, no expression. Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow; No tomorrow, no tomorrow.”

boys at airportListening to these words I am reminded of the craziness of our today, even the smallest craziness of today, parent teacher conferences. Still the melody plays through my mind as I rush through the pouring rain to arrive on time to my meetings at the school. I try to put myself together with my disheveled appearance of being a bit soggy and somber still humming the music in my head. The teacher greets me ever so sweetly and energetically, discussing how hurdles and challenges were overcome for my tenderhearted young man, his genius progress. She goes on to tell me how he has an old soul, so sweet, caring, feeling every experience in life, he is full of emotion. Carrying on she tells me “We need more people like “G” in this world, we are living in a mad world.” The song stops playing in my head. [click to continue…]