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#MooveRing for Active Lifestyles

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If you follow my personal Facebook and Instagram you know that my life is always on the go. Boy Scouts, off-road adventures and of course my daily dose of sweat. I love to hit the gym and lift weights. Nothing is more exhilarating and uplifting than building strength in my body and getting those endorphin’s moving. However, for a ladies hands, jewelry and weightlifting quite literally do not go hand-in-hand. I find I am adjusting my hands to avoid damage to my wedding band or I find I am building callouses or I bang my ring on the equipment. All of these scenarios are just awful for our hands and our jewelry, but there is a solution, a ring for folks with active lifestyles.

silicone ring, active ring, moove ringThe Moove Ring is the solution those of us on the go are needing in our lives. Now that our summers are cooling off and we are headed into our cool season here in Arizona I will be doing more hiking and outdoor activities with our kids on top of my fitness schedule. That means more opportunity to bang up my wedding band and or worse, I could damage and lose my diamond. I love wearing my ring, but I hate that I scratch it, bang it on stuff and or it just gets in the way because the metal does not bend and flex.

The Moove Ring is a silicone ring that will not limit your activities and or range of motion. Moove Rings are made from medical grade silicone, which is resilient like your skin and 350 times stronger! Moove Rings have the highest tensile strength available which means it’s simply more durable than any other silicone ring. Wear it when you’re doing something athletic or at work, and it will guarantee your focus is where it should be so you perform your best. And it’s perfect for best friend rings too.

I love my Moove Ring because I can have the comfort of wearing a band without the discomfort of trying to prevent injury to myself and or my ring while participating in my favorite activities. I am thankful for the team at Moove for offering a ring for me to try out in my busy active life. The one thing I do wish they had was an assortment of colors, while black is really universal, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more feminine colors.

So whether you are an avid fitness lover, hiker, mountain climber, mountain biker, cyclist, or work with your hands and are looking for more comfort on your hands with your active lifestyle, the Moove Ring is sure to be an excellent alternative to protecting your investment. The Moove Ring fits like any standard precious metal band without the concerns of injury or damage or loss to your investment. The bonus is you can preserve the symbolism of wearing your wedding band.
Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmc1bd920ce209bf21c0bfdebf1e78dea6

NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow


Makeup in Arizona is like drying your hair in the South. The struggle is real to have the makeup set just right without looking like a chalky mess. The heat can be absolutely unforgiving with wearing any form of powder than can smudge, wear away, or is just flat messy to apply. I have come to love eye shadow sticks that are easy to apply and do not have the dust of normal powder shadow all of the place. NYX Cosmetics has a fun line of glam eye shadows in a pack of five. [click to continue…]


When we volunteer and give back not only are we doing something for others but we’re doing something for ourselves. We’re giving a piece of us and when that is received by another it makes us feel good inside. When others are in need it is important for those of us that can give whether it’s time or money to help, in return we receive so much more than we gave. These stories are so touching and will make you want to get up and do something for someone else. It may even give you ideas for what you’d like to do if you don’t know. [click to continue…]

While October may be traditionally reserved for pumpkins, pumpkin spice anything and breast cancer awareness, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix is celebrating education with college savings month in October. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has over 48,000 square feet of learning, imagination and fun and this month they are promoting education in a variety of ways.  I wanted to share these great opportunities with my fellow Phoenicians. [click to continue…]

Brothers Fruit Crisps

Fruit Crisps

Someone used their magical powers to freeze dry these apples and turn them from regular, ordinary apples to special, take with you anywhere, eat anytime apples! Ready for building a snowman, playing dress up, or building your very own ice castle, the Brothers All Natural Frozen Fruit Crisps are the perfect snack for the princess on the move! [click to continue…]

My Friend Cayla Interactive Doll

My Friend Cayla

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How much fun would it be for a child to wake up on Christmas morning and have a new doll that can do more then the average doll. The My Friend Cayla is not just your normal doll that we grew up with. This doll is completely interactive and is used with your tablet or smartphone. You can ask her many different questions and she can answer most of them when she’s connected to the internet. Ask her questions from the capital of Japan to how my much 99×4 is. There were not that many questions that Cayla cannot answer and if she can not find the answer then she politely tells you that it is too hard of a question for her to answer. [click to continue…]

Jeeping 101: Mud

Jeep in the mud, jeep, mud, Jeep thefivefish.com, Karie Herring Jeep

For any Jeep owner, mud is an obstacle of conquering. We see mud and immediately we are fearless children who know no limits. Mud is just wet dirt calling our names to sling about everywhere. Mud is a wanton desire to cover our tires and every inch of aluminum and steel. A good mud hole is also disguised as a treacherous foe to any overly fearless seemingly arrogant and skilled off-road driver. Jeeping 101 tells us to always survey any obstacle, including mud. [click to continue…]

Leaving Jesus because of Christians

walking in the shadows, life with Christ, faith, mothers and daughters

For the last six months I have been suffering in a very painful silence. My suffering is something I was not even sure if I should discuss because of deep wounds and reopened scars. As I shared some months ago I was given the opportunity to work in ministry. Over the moon excited to share my gifts, talents; the opportunity to share my love and faith with others. Allowing God to use me as his tool to share the Kingdom and do His work in this world. What I wasn’t prepared for was how damaging Christians can be to one another. What I wasn’t prepared for was the desire to leave Jesus because of Christians.

Do you recall the day your parents told you that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and even that the Easter Bunny were not real? Such a magical let down to have your whole world shattered in an instant. The magician revealed his tricks. The mysticism, the heightened feeling of wonder that something so great and marvelous existed beyond out wildest dreams and imagination. [click to continue…]

Smith & Vandiver Bath and Body

smith & vandiver, natural bath products, organic bath products, thefivefish.com organic lotion

Smith & Vandiver was founded in 1979 and is a natural bath, body and skincare company. The new Spa…Ah line is full of products with a purpose. Lavender is a stress reliever and the Spa…Ah Lavender line is meant to help put you at ease. So take a moment for yourself and relax.

Start with a warm bath and Stress Release Efferé Bath Fizzy. This indulgent bath fizz with pamper your skin and help with softening with it’s moisturizing sunflower oil and mineral-rich sea salts. This will turn your tub into a delightful spa-like experience. [click to continue…]

Emily West All For You Album Giveaway


Singer-songwriter and vocal powerhouse, Emily West releases her debut album All For You, available August 14 (Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks). West will join the 42-city America’s Got Talent Live: The All-Stars Tour­ commencing in October – dates below. In addition, she will continue to open for comedian Jay Leno on tour and has solo dates in September. [click to continue…]